Friday, November 20, 2009

Top 5 Las Vegas Kids Tours

Top 5 Las Vegas Kids Tours
Are your kids bored with their usual summer activities? Can't drag them away from their computer games or video games? Why not give them a totally one-of-a-kind experience? Take them on a Las Vegas Kids Tour. Yes, there's more to Las Vegas and its famous "Strip." There's a whole new world of fun and adventure waiting just outside the city limits. Check out the top five Las Vegas Kids Tours that are sure to give your children level 10 excitement and tons of fun.

Top Las Vegas Kids Tour number 5 is the Self Drive Hummer to Grand Canyon West Rim. Dad or Mom gets to drive the young ones on their very own rented Hummer and explore the magnificent Grand Canyon at their own pace. For kids who are brave enough, the stroll within the glass walls and floor of the Skywalk will be pure excitement. This horseshoe-shaped bridge is raised 4,000 feet above the canyon floor! The Skywalk's founder wanted to give visitors the experience of "walking the path of the eagle."

The number 4 top Las Vegas Kids Tour is the Black Canyon River Rafting. This is one smooth cruise down the Colorado River between the cliffs of the Black Canyon. Aboard large, safety-ensured, motorized rafts, kids will delightedly squeal when they see desert big horn sheep, osprey and great blue heron making their appearances in the breathtaking landscape. Don't forget your camera. Great photos are taken here.

The Grand Canyon West Rim Tour with Helicopter and Boat Combo tour is the number 3 top Las Vegas Kids Tour. It's one of the tours that take you and your family up in the air in a million-dollar copter. The children get to gaze at the spectacular scenery and hold their breath as the helicopter slowly drops down to the canyon floor. You take a pontoon ride down the impressive Colorado River then get on a shuttle bus afterwards to head for the Eagle Point for the tour of the Hualapai Indian Village. Their handmade crafts and jewelry are priceless remembrances of this trip.

The Land Sailing Desert Adventure takes the number 2 spot of the Top Las Vegas Kids Tours. If your kids love racing on their feet or racing on their bikes, they will absolutely fall in love with racing across the Nevada Desert on land sailers that catch the mighty winds to move. There's a free lesson on how to maneuver the sailers as well as practice time before actually taking to the desert. Join the mini-regatta and win prizes. One totally unique tour the older kids will remember for a long time.

The number 1 top Las Vegas Kids Tour is the Grand Canyon Helicopter and Ranch Adventure. In just approximately four hours, kids get to ride a helicopter across the awesome Grand Canyon, ride a horse-drawn wagon through a forest and spend time with real cowboys at the Grand Canyon West Ranch. They can even try out some of the ranch activities like horse-riding. It is certainly an unforgettable tour they can't wait to tell friends about back home.

More tours and activities await you and your kids. If your children love rocks, try the Red Rock Canyon Luxury SUV Tour to see spectacular rock formations. For children who love watching the sunset, the Sunset Helicopter Tour is simply perfect. There are also a lot of tours that provide amazing panoramic views of Hoover Dam, Lake Mead and the Colorado River. Each tour will surely leave you and the kids breathless.


  1. What a trip! This fulfilled a lifelong wish and exceeded all expectations. I’m extremely pleased that we chose the airplane tours grand canyon trip through the whole canyon.

  2. These tours for kids are awesome! I think they would enjoy these tours like they enjoy playing video games.