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Las Vegas Tipping

Las Vegas Tipping
Going to Las Vegas, means using tipping guide lines. They will make your stay more enjoyable. In Vegas a lot of people such as waitresses and bartenders earn their living by giving good service, and of course they expect tips in return. Always keep in mind you do not have to tip for bad service.

Las Vegas Tipping Etiquette

Keep in mind that all of the below are just tipping guide lines for Las Vegas. If somebody acts mean and grouchy, as if it is a big favor to serve you, take that into consideration when leaving a gratuity. On the other hand if somebody is pleasant and helpful don’t hesitate to reward that person with a nice tip.

Las Vegas Tipping Guide

Cocktail waitresses Tip $1 to $2 per round for small groups. More for larger parties.

Concierge They can get you hard to get show tickets and make dinner reservations. Tip $5 to $20.

Dealers Tipping a dealer will not make you win a bet. But he can help by explaining the rules and making sure your chips are correctly placed. Tips should be from $1and up and given from time to time or at the end of a session. You can give the tip between hands or place a bet, saying it’s for the dealer. Most people do not tip if they are losing.

Bingo / Keno If playing for a long time a $1 or $2 tip every so often is a good idea.

change clerk
If your cup is getting full a few coins are suggested.

Maitre’d This is the person who can get you good seats at a nightclub or dinner show. A $10 to $20 tip is expected. If you don’t tip the worst that can happen is that you will stand in line.

Food Servers
Tip like you do the waiters and waitresses at home, 15-20% of the bill. If there is a very expensive bottle of wine you don’t have to include it in the 15%.

Room service When they bring food to your room or anything else, you should think 15-20%.

Bellmen / Skycaps The standard tip is $1 per bag or suitcase.

Taxi drivers 10% to 15% of the fare is a good standard tip.

Limo drivers 20% is a good standard tip.

Hotel desk clerks If you get a free upgrade to a better room a $10 gratuity is reasonable.

Valet parking attendants $1or $2 when you leave your car and $1 or $2 when you pick it up. Figure $20 if you want you want your car left in front of the hotel.

The usual tip is $1 or $2 per day. If you are going to stay for more than two or three days, it is best to leave the gratuity in the room each day as very often a new maid may be assigned to clean.

Pools persons A $1 or $2 tip for good service is suggested.

Showroom Server Depending on the service you get, $5-$10 for a group of 2-4 is expected with a drinks/cocktails-only show. $10-$20 if it includes dinner.

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