Sunday, November 29, 2009

Top 10 Places to Visit in Chicago

Chicago is one of the great American cities. Chicago is known as the windy city. Offered below are suggestions for places to visit in Chicago in no particular order. Try to visit most of them in your stay.

1) Sears Tower: This is the tallest buildings in America and one of the tallest in the world. The Sears tower sky deck offers a mind-blowing view of the city. You need to take the super-fast elevator to the 103rd floor. You can spend a couple of hours up there with your family taking photographs and indulging in the view. You can buy souvenirs to treasure your visit here.

2) Navy Pier: It's spread over a very large area and comprises of gardens, shopping malls, rides, parks, restaurants, etc. It's situated next to Lake Michigan. Don't miss riding on the very tall Ferris wheel. There is also an Imax theater in Navy pier where you can watch a 3D movie. Kids will love it. You will love the place at night, when all the lights are on.

3) John Hancock Center: This again one of the tallest buildings of Chicago. The view from the top floor viewing deck is amazing. You can also take lunch/dinner in the restaurants located near the top floor.

4) Millennium Park: This is a modern wonder completed in 2004. It is a totally futuristic design. Here you will see the famous Bean of Chicago. It's a gigantic metallic bean shaped structure which reflects the Chicago skyline. Behind it is an ice-skating rink open in the winter time. It's very popular among tourists. Millennium park has large gardens covered with metallic structures.

5) Field Museum: This museum of natural history is famous for the largest T-rex dinosaur skeleton in the world (named Sue). You can pose in front of it for your photo memories. It contains artefacts from all over the world.

6) Shedd Aquarium: It is a sure-hit with kids. Featuring sea-life of all types. The dolphin show is a must visit for everyone. It happens at fixed times during the day. Make sure that you visit the underwater tunnels to see whales and sharks.

7) Adler Planetarium & Museum: Take a journey to outer-space sitting in your seat at the planetarium. Visit its museum to see some rare exhibits.

8) Magnificent Mile
: It is a mile long street part of the Michigan avenue. It extends from the Oak Street to Chicago River. It has shops and store of some of the most famous brands from around the world. Take a walk along the mile and shop to your hearts content.

9) Lincoln Park - the largest public park in the city. Make sure that you visit the Lincoln park zoo which is one of the oldest zoos in USA housing over 1200 animals representing hundreds of species.

10) Another famous place to visit will be Wrigley Field which is a famous Major league Baseball ground.

Tip: purchase the Go Chicago card online by searching on Google. This card is a multi-ticket thing and will help you save you quite a bit of money and time (no need to stand in ticket queues). Instead of driving around in Chicago and paying $$ in parking fees, just use the trains. The city is well connected all over by the public transit network. Buy a one day pass to avoid paying for every trip. This will again save you money. Chicago is famous for its deep-dish (really fat) Pizza. Gino's East, Giordanos, etc. are famous for the deep dish Pizza. All in all, you will have a great time in the windy city. Just relax and have a good time.


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