Monday, December 7, 2009

World's top ten travel taboo

Most people travel abroad will always be local customs scruples are worried that they will be wrong, cause misunderstandings, the following travel collection is a common taboos in order to facilitate you better travel.

1. Chopsticks
There are many claims on the chopsticks. In Japan, regardless of any reason, can not leave chopsticks inserted inside jobs, because it is an ominous sign. Because it makes their jobs inside the Japanese think of chopsticks upright tombstones. Also, if you use the chopsticks to the entrance of Cabanatuan Jia Cai is also a polite behavior, should be the other side to Jia Cai. In China and many other countries, using chopsticks is also impolite to refer to someone else.

2. Visit Mosque
All people, whether Muslim or non-Muslims must remove their shoes before entering the mosque. Tourists should follow the Muslim dress style: Men should wear trousers and long-sleeved shirts; President should cover all exposed skin, although the strictness of this country will be different. Ms. Wai headscarves to be, if you do not, in many major Muslim city, you can borrow one at the entrance.

3. Flowers
In Ukraine, if you want to send flowers, make sure the bouquet is odd, because even the bouquet was sent to the funeral. If you give the hostess to send flowers, or to celebrate birthdays or other special holidays, do not get yellow or Easter lily, because these flowers are only prepared for the funeral.

4. Kiss
Cheshire in the UK, the train passengers are not allowed to stay at the site, intimate farewell, but also does not allow kissing. If you really have a lot of things to say or want to parting kiss, you can go kiss the region.

5. Salt
Although the Egyptians are very hospitable, but their cooking is somewhat gentle self. When traveling in Egypt, not in your bowl with salt, because it was seen as an insult to the cook. Fortunately, due to the Egyptians often used when cooking garlic, onions and other aromatics, Egypt, the food is still very tasty.

6. Visited the church
If you're in a warm climate to the Italian church, when it starts not just with shorts and sleeveless T-shirt. Go to Italy, the Catholic church, the Cathedral of tourists wearing must be careful, whether men or the President, are not allowed to wear shorts and sleeveless T-shirt. In the church entrance examination will be guards or Christians, so when it starts not forget to bring a long-sleeved shirts or other pullovers.

7. Representative of the success of V-gestures
In Great Britain to do "V" gesture when the palm inward, not because it was considered provocative or insulting. It is said that two fingers of the tribute was originated in Britain and France the Hundred Years War. France threatened to cut off the fingers of all the British archery a result, the final victory over England, so put a finger to show off that they are intact.

8. An insult to the King
Thai people of its 80-year-old King Bhumibol? Adulyadej (Bhumibol Adulyadej) as magical, its image as a talisman to bring good luck wish to give their own. Therefore, an insult to him would be considered a crime and will be sentenced to 15 years in prison.

9. Clink
Hungarians do not clink when the toast, because Austrians had killed 13 martyrs of Hungary clink later to celebrate. Within 150 years after, no one Hungarian, when clink in a toast. While in the past for a long time now, but this tradition has also been retained. For visitors who remember this traditional Hungarian drink than to remember much easier.

10. Eat all the food inside the plate
In Cambodia, if you eat all the food dish, which indicates that the owner has not treated well, because you do not still want to eat.

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